Tree Trimming Experts in Union City, CA

Here at Bioscapes, we specialize in tree trimming and removal services. We service Union City CA and the surrounding areas. In addition to tree trimming and removal, we also offer stump grinding, hedge trimming, and tree cabling services. Please call 510-677-8592 for more information.
Tree Cutting Landscaping Bioscapes Union City CA
Tree Saw Landscaping Bioscapes Union City CA
Tree Trimming Landscaping Bioscapes Union City CA

Tree Trimming

Our crews at Fremont/Union City will provide expert tree trimming as prescribed by our ISA certified arborists. There are many reasons to keep your trees trimmed:
  • Removal of deadwood, damaged or diseased sections to keep the tree healthy
  • Increase the safety of your property
  • Clear utility lines to meet city codes
  • Removal of Obstructive Limbs
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Increase sunlight for turf and overall aesthetics

Tree Removal

At Bioscapes, we always take precaution when removing trees. We are fully insured, trained professionals. Common reasons for Tree Removal include:
  • Foundation Issues due to tree growth
  • Blocked Sunlight
  • Tree is dead or disease and poses a threat to your property