Landscaping Experts in Union City CA

At Bioscapes, we are committed to being environmentally friendly. We specialize in landscape services for both residential and commercial businesses in Union City, CA and surrounding areas. Please call us today at 510-677-8592 for more information.

Landscape Design

Bioscapes Landscaping offers complete landscape design and installation services. From retaining walls, ponds, and new lawns to gardens and gazebos, we can help you design your dream yard. Company owner Miguel leads the company with an eye toward precision and quality workmanship.
Flowers Landscaping Bioscapes Union City CA
Flowerbed Landscaping Bioscapes Union City CA
Gate Landscaping Bioscapes Union City CA

Landscaping Services

  • Patios — From concrete to brick, hardscapes are a great maintenance free option for outdoor living spaces.
  • Decks — Decks are a soft, comfortable option for an outdoor living space.
  • Fences — Our fences are designed to add to your landscaping, not just enclose it.
  • Sprinkler Installation and Service — Bioscapes Landscaping can design and install your new or upgraded sprinkler system.